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My name is Dom and i live in Plymouth, Devon on the South-West coast of England  with my partner Tracy and we can often be found at various shows around the country doing what we love most . . showing off our dogs and chatting to likeminded people whom we've met over the years! people ask us if its boring or why we waste our money but hey! its our hobby! we don't drink very often or smoke and we go just as much for the chat as we do for the actual showing. there is usually a good atmosphere around the stafford ring & benching area contary to belief that we're all shaven headed tattoo'd thugs. well some of us may fit that description but who's gonna argue . . . . you? lol. ive basically always had dogs growing up and used to own & work lurchers & terriers! we often would use lurcher-crosses that had stafford blood in them along the way as their tenacity & courage & loyalty is a quality not found in such high volumes in many other breeds! i always promised myself i would get myself a proper "bona-fide" stafford when the time was right and here i am now years later still chasing prizecards all over the country. Tracy has been involved in the breed a bit longer than me and we met at the Devon & Cornwall Ringcraft Club of which I am now the Club Secretary & Tracy is my assistant, you can visit our club website on the link www.freewebs.com/dcsbt  myself and Tracy have come to the decision to register both our names on my kennel name (Emperorstaff) and leave our bulldogs in her kennel name of Parbeau. We have no plans as of yet to change “Dotty” aka Parbeau Virtuso Good’s name but we will be putting all our dogs in joint ownership.


I have had my own affix (EMPERORSTAFF) since i bred my first litter in december 2005 from my red bitch "brodie" (chez blurry eyed surprise at emperorstaff) L-2 HGA & HC clear. with jackie smarts dog "oscar"(arnhem ready to rumble JW) and had a lovely litter. Brodie did me proud at open show level and even entered the odd champ show and got me hooked on the showing. and ive been lucky to meet some really nice people and make some good friends, as i mentioned before i had a really nice litter and i was lucky to find 2 show homes abroad out of the 7 pups she produced with oscar. the dog "theo" (emperorstaff red renagade) went to Norway and the bitch "jess" (emperorstaff classy lassy) went to France. I regard myself lucky to still be in contact with both their owners and regard them as friends, they mail me pictures all the time which is great as i get to see their development. i kept a bitch "amber" (emperorstaff rouge royale) who so far has done me very proud! She qualified for crufts in her first minor pup class and gained her stud book number in her first limit class. She has since had a litter herself with Dringshaw Valentino and bred me a nice litter of which I have kept 2 “king”(Emperorstaff Coronet Gold) has qualified for Crufts 2010 by way of taking 1st at Bath under John Scanlon and “beanz” (Emperorstaff Red Romance) who has had some good results from the very few shows she has entered including a couple of firsts & seconds & a best puppy bitch at WKC champshow under judge Tom Hehir. I had 2 other dogs in the litter and “Cruz” (Emperorstaff Just Cruz) went to Western Australia with Carol & Rob of “Brindale” the other little guy went to Exeter called “Ace” (Emperorstaff Hayabusa) he lives with Jo & Tommy who is originally from Poland who are also regulary seen on the show circuit.

Amber (Emperorstaff Rouge Royale) is now taking a back seat to allow her kids to do some showing although hopefully she'll be making an appearance at CRUFTS 2010


Tracy originally owned the “Pargovstaff” affix with her then husband as it was a combination of their surnames ( Parr & Govan) since their divorce Tracy acquired the “Parbeau” affix and bred the bitch she is currently campaigning Parbeau Virtuso Good, who has done considerably well in minor puppy and puppy & junior in 2008 of which the critiques can be read in the Annual 2008. “dotty’s” showing career was momentarily suspended in 2009 due to Tracy having our baby girl Evie Sofia Longley 3months premature and weighing in at 2lb 9oz, it was a worrying time for us and our showing obviously took a back seat but now Evie has come home and she is doing well we are starting to resume our hobby.Tracy has also exported to Europe incl. Latvia & Denmark and again she recieves regular updates. I will be the first to admit Tracy is better at handling than me and so ive been quite happy to let her show King & Beanz for the time being, thank you for visiting our site and we hope you come say hi if you see us at a show anytime.

We would also like to thank & praise all who have given us support in our hobby & given us encouragement even through hardships & difficult times that we have had recently. . . You know who you are! . . .  Thanks guys from the bottom of our hearts!!



For general enquiries contact us at emperorstaff@hotmail.co.uk or parbeau@hotmail.co.uk